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Executive Protection Dogs in Jacksonville, FL

Welcome to El Dorado Executive K9, where we specialize in providing elite European canine protectors and loyal companions to families, business executives, and law enforcement agencies around the world. We understand the importance of feeling safe and secure in your home or workplace, which is why we offer the ultimate peace of mind through the addition of a protection dog to your security strategy.

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World-Class Training for Your Executive Protection Dog

At El Dorado Executive K9, we take pride in our rigorous training process. Our dogs undergo extensive evaluation and training to exact specifications at our facilities located in Florida, Germany, and the Czech Republic.

Our dogs are trained in advanced obedience both on and off-leash in multiple languages, individual or family protection, tracking, in-home search for intruders, and other special skills. Each dog's training is customized to the individual client's needs, ensuring that they receive the best possible protection for their unique situation.

Our Mission

We aim to deliver the finest puppies and young adults to families nationwide. With 25+ years of experience, we provide exceptional service and carefully evaluate each imported puppy for purpose suitability. Our commitment to quality and value ensures that our clients receive the best choice for their needs.

Our Certifications

Find The Perfect Match

Thank you for considering El Dorado Executive K9! We work carefully with you through each step of the selection and training process to ensure a good fit, a successful relationship, a deep bond, and your ultimate peace of mind.

Our K9s start at $45K. This includes the K9, nationwide delivery, as well as handler training, and an extensive training program with a NAVY Seal trainer.

Our puppies start at $8K. This includes all research, shipping from Europe, and Customs fees, as we handle all documentation for you.

Our juvenile dogs start at $15K. Juvenile dogs are imprinted in a trainer's home and have the foundation needed to develop into fully trained K9s for a fraction of the cost.

To learn more, fill out our contact form below or call (904) 705-5709. Allow us to help guide you in the best choice for you and your family.

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